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Final Project- Film

11 Mar

We have decided to create a trailer/pilot episode of  a sitcom comedy. We plan to film around Maldon so the we are not in one set location.

Me, Zac and Hanna are going to create a sitcom about a group of friends. We have watched some clips from ‘Friends’ and ‘The Fresh Prince’ to get together some ideas for our film. We have decided to film around the town so that we would have at least a few changes of scenery and locations. We plan to have a running time of about 10 minutes.  We plan to create a fun and lighthearted atmosphere to our audience, this is why we have chosen a sitcom comedy.


Group Website

5 Nov

We are creating a group website which will have different pages that each member has created. We have a chosen logo that will feature on all the pages and the pages will have the same layout but different content.

Animal Crossing Review

14 Mar

Animal Crossing is a life simulation game created by Nintendo. The Wii version of this game is a lot more advanced than the DS version. The Wii version allows you to visit the city unlike the DS version when you stay in your own town. You can use the wi fi connection to visit your friends towns that have access to the internet. The WII version came out later than the DS version so it had more time to be improved and has a lot better graphics. many people are looking forward to the game coming out on the Nintendo 3DS.
– Joan_Turnips 🙂

Hello world!

29 Feb

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